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Client Reviews Via Romana Restaurant La Manga


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Los Belones is a pretty village, only about a 5-minute drive from La Manga Club. Not only does the village have a good selection of shops, it boasts a range of restaurants, including Via Romana. Via Romana, as its name suggests is an Italian restaurant, which is run by two guys called Ian and Pepe. Reputed to be one of the finest Italian restaurants on the La Manga area, it is certainly worth a visit during your stay at La Manga Club.

A rather unassuming restaurant from the outside, once you’re inside you’ll start to realise what all the fuss is about. A simply decorated, but charming space, which is spotlessly clean, boasts an open kitchen from which you can enjoy the spectacle of the chefs at work. Via Romana is thankfully air conditioned, making it a comfortable spot for dining high season. Serving in-house diners and take away customers, Via Romana is a busy spot, so it’s best to book ahead, no matter what night of the week you fancy going. Although the team of waiters and kitchen staff will do their very best to accommodate all-comers, they can only feed so many, so do book if you can. Once you get there, you’ll be glad you did.

When you arrive at Via Romana, the first thing that’ll strike you is the buzz about the place. It truly is a little bit of Italy in Spain. Regularly drawing a few famous faces, this is the sort of restaurant, once you’ve tried it, you’ll be coming back again and again, and because it’s so close to La Manga Club you have no excuse not to! No matter whether you’re a sole traveller, a couple, a family or a group, you’ll enjoy a great welcome and a great meal at Via Romana.

When it comes to the food, at Via Romana, not only can you see it being prepared, thanks to the open kitchen you can enjoy the aromas and almost feel the pleasure of the other diners as soon as you walk through the door. General consensus puts the food at Via Romana at the “excellent” level, with a similar score for service. So what’s all the fuss about? It could be the Provolone starter, which is an Italian cow’s milk cheese, which is often likened to mozzarella but stronger…lets just say, what these guys do with Provolone is well worth 5 minutes in the car from La Manga. Then there’s the pizzas, which are in huge demand, both with sit in diners and for take aways. And then of course there’s the pasta and the meat dishes. Oh, and the desserts…the list goes on.

The pizzas at Via Romana have the classic thin crust you’d expect, but also boast an imaginative and well thought out range of toppings. The Via Romana pizza features chilli and for those who like it hot, hot, hot, don’t be afraid to ask for extra! Pastas are home made of course and are served, quite often in the starting role, but also as a side to a meat main. Simple, but notable is the penne alla pesto, which is full of flavour and seems to transport you to another place altogether. Chicken in sauce with a pasta side and sirloin of beef with ravioli are also strong contenders for the top three Via Romana dishes. That said, it’s perfectly possible to order a delicious steak or chicken with salad or vegetables, but it seems a shame to miss out on the yummy pasta that is so much part of the whole Via Romana experience. The menu is so diverse here and so flexible that even fussy eaters should be able to find something that will excite them in this real Aladdin’s cave of Italian food and culture. Put it this way, if you love Italy and you love Italian food, you’ll love Via Romana!

When it comes to drinks, the wine list at Via Romana is pretty extensive too, catering for all tastes and all budgets. If you’re going for the first time and are wary of trying some of the lower priced wines, don’t be. These guys have done their homework and make sure that if it’s on their menu it’s good. So even if you see a wine at around 10-ish euro a bottle it’ll have been tested and will have passed the Via Romana taste test. Now that’s not guaranteeing you’ll like it, but there won’t be anything wrong with it, that’s for sure! When it comes to holidays, part of the fun of the whole affair is experiencing different atmospheres and different foods. The food at Via Romana is well worth trying during your stay at La Manga Club. Agreed, you can eat good Italian in most major towns and cities in the UK, but Via Romana truly is a winning blend of food and atmosphere, which will grip you and embrace you to enjoy it, right from your first visit. Serving up good sized portions of delicious dishes that are more common in Italy itself than in “italian” restaurants, you’ll get surprisingly low prices and a team of staff that will make you smile, all the way to dessert.

If you have eaten at the Via Romana Restaurant in Los Belones or any of the restaurants on La Manga Club or the La Manga area, why not share your experience with other holiday makers. All reviews submitted will be entered into a draw with a chance to win a free weeks holiday accommodation staying in a luxury Los Olivos apartment at La Manga