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Client Reviews of Asia Restaurant La Manga Club


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There are few foodie things that represent a greater feast to the eye than Sushi and Asian cuisine, and few places do it better than Asia Restaurant at La Manga Club. Notorious for its healthy angle and more-ish nature, itís typically the finger-foods of this region that appeal more than anything else. When itís hot and you fancy a cocktail and a nibble, not many things are as appealing as a mixed platter to share with the stirred or shaken option of your choice.

La Manga truly is a great place to spend a week, or even better two. By day you can exercise your body and relax your mind and by night you can choose from any one of the vast array of restaurants that are on, or in some cases just off site. This allows you to have your feet firmly in Spain, but enables your palate to travel round the globe throughout your stay. With Mexican, Indian, Italian and American to name but a few, youíll be spoilt for choice most nights of the week, but as a treat, thereís a stunning trip to Asia which awaits you at this five-star resort.

A particularly stylish restaurant, Asia is situated at Las Sabinas in the La Manga Resort, opens every night of the week for dinner (at the time of writing) and boasts a stunning terrace that opens during high season. With views that stretch to what seems like infinity, itís easy to see why so many people choose the elegant, yet relaxed atmosphere of Asia Restaurant. With itís generously spaced and well-dressed tables, itís the perfect place to enjoy a special evening, either as a couple, a family or a group. Like pretty much all the restaurants at La Manga Club resort, Asia caters well for vegetarians.

Although some Japanese insist that Japan isnít part of Asia, thereís no getting away from the fact that sushi features heavily on the menu at Asia Restaurant in La Manga. The Japanese dish sushi, albeit widely on sale in the UK now, is still considered a bit of a delicacy in the western world. In its country of origin however, it is viewed as a fast food option, because, for them, itís easy to make and is so popular: a bit like a sandwich in the UK, I suppose. With its roots going right back to the 8th century when sushi first appeared in Southeast Asia, before making its way across China to Japan it concentrated on salted, rather than raw fish. To this day, the use of raw fish in sushi remains a point of concern for some people.

Some of the most popular sushi dishes in the western world are Maki or Futomaki which are rice filled rolls wrapped in seaweed; iso, which is where you have the rice on the outside of the seaweed; nigiri which is rice shapes with a topping of your choice, plus a whole range of seaweed rolls. After the sushi, Asia Restaurant offers a host of traditional dishes, large and small, to please the most critical palate such as dim sum, satay and Tom Yum.

Whichever delicacy you choose, you certainly wonít be disappointed. Asia Restaurant at La Manga Club, truly is top-notch dining in top-notch surroundings.

If you have eaten at the Asia Restaurant or any of the restaurants on La Manga Club or the La Manga area, why not share your experience with other holiday makers. All reviews submitted will be entered into a draw with a chance to win a free weeks holiday accommodation staying in a luxury Los Olivos apartment at La Manga Club.