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Client Reviews of La Cala Beach Restaurant La Manga Club


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La Cala Restaurant at La Manga Club, is not surprisingly, situated on the resortís beach, La Cala beach, or to give it its full title, the Cala del Barco beach cove. Looking out over the Mediterranean, the restaurant holds court over the beach, cleverly constructed into the rock side and looking as if it has always been there, with its focus on fish and seafood. The beach itself has recently been awarded blue flag status, which means that itís a safe and healthy place to swim as well as paying respect to important environmental issues. When it comes to long days at the beach, what better way to break it up than by strolling over to La Cala Restaurant to make your selection from some of the aromas that have been building your appetite late morning?

La Cala Restaurantís specialities include paella, fish and seafood, but there are meat options for people who arenít huge fish-lovers. La Cala Restaurant opens from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch, at weekends for dinner in the month of June and all week in high season. With its almost castaway feel, La Cala is a true delight, no matter the time of day or day of the week you choose to go.

What better way to enjoy your day than to take a leisurely breakfast at your apartment or villa and then spend some time preparing your trip to La Cala beach? You may decide to make a day of it and take enough supplies of books, magazines and sun cream to see you through the entire day. After all, irrespective of whether you choose to take the car or avail of the shuttle bus youíll have plenty of space for all you need. The well-equipped beach, with beach attendant and shower facilities and now with its blue flag status truly does make you feel like you have your own little piece of heaven waiting for you.

Pull up a sun lounger, apply your sun cream and prepare to relax. Let the soft sand, the warmth of the sun and the light lapping of the Mediterranean sea transport you to a place that you feel as if youíve never been before. Lose yourself in a novel or flick through a magazine as if you donít have a care in the world. Either way, youíre certain to feel well chilled after a morning at La Cala beach, however hot the sun is. When your thoughts turn to food, take to the little path that winds its way up the cliff face to La Cala Restaurant. Seek out a shady spot if you can, then enjoy a sangria aperitif before placing your order for a seafood extravaganza. Enjoy a leisurely lunch, out of the heat of the mid-day sun and then, once youíve let it all digest nicely, head leisurely back to the beach.

What a great way to spend a day. Even if youíve decided that youíre going to punish your body on a health and fitness regime for the other days of your holiday, you can be sure that a day like this will recharge your batteries to the max. La Cala beach and La Cala RestaurantÖthere are any number of reasons to say theyíre a partnership made in Heaven!

If you have eaten at the La Cala Beach Restaurant on La Manga Club or any of the restaurants on La Manga Club or the La Manga area, why not share your experience with other holiday makers. All reviews submitted will be entered into a draw with a chance to win a free weeks holiday accommodation staying in a luxury Los Olivos apartment at La Manga Club.