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Many persons across the globe would love to travel to distant lands, but cannot afford it. Luckily there are ways and means to vacation and travel free that are not scams. The trick is knowing where to look and what to do. One of the most common ways to get that free vacation is to take part in contests that offer a free vacation package as the main prize.

Some common sources of free vacations are company promotions, especially tour companies and travel agencies worldwide. With the advent of the Internet, finding and entering these competitions are easy. Best of all, most are free to enter. With so many businesses advertising on the Internet, there are many contests to choose from.

If you would like to take someone else along for the ride, you would be happy to know that this is also possible. Many travel competitions offer free vacations for couples and even families. Some also throw in spending money. Now thats what you call a real bonus.

Despite the abundance of free travel contests online, there are fraudulent ones as well. As a matter of fact, be wary of advertisements on the Internet that ask for entrants to pay a fee to enter. If the Website says "win free," why should you be paying? Any advertisement or promotion like that should send up a red flag. Remember that generally, if it sounds too be good to be true, it probably is a scam. There are some rules that you should follow when entering to win free travel online. Some of these are:

o Never give out your credit card information to enter contests of this nature.

o If asked for your Social Security number, be wary, in fact it may be best not to enter.

o Many fraudulent Websites look like the real deal, so be on the lookout for a number of give-away signs. Any site that asks for personal information should be able to guarantee your privacy. As a matter of fact, the site should tell you that your information is secure. If in doubt, do a check online to see if there are any complaints about the company.

o Make sure that any memberships that you sign up for, you can also opt out of.

o Always be aware of Websites that you have to click away from to go to another site for information. In many cases, you are being led to a site that is designed to scam you.

Ok, most travel scams are done on the Internet, but do be aware that some scammers are smart and will call or send snail mail. If you get a telephone call offering a free vacation, ask questions and take down their information. Make the necessary checks before giving out your financial or personal information.

Read fine print on the Website or printed documents before signing or accepting a free trip. You may well find that the airfare is actually free, but you may have to pay for other things such as hotel accommodations or food. In some cases, the fine print relegates you to stay at an expensive hotel or a not-so nice one. The expensive one may cost you more than the airfare in other expenditures. You might not be able to choose another hotel because of a clause in the document you signed. So always ask what is included and what is not included before accepting.

Donít be pessimistic about your chances of winning one of the many free travel competitions out there. The convenience of the Internet has greatly increased your chances of striking it lucky. Best of all, you can enter as many such contests as you wish from the comfort of your home.

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