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If you are among the thousands and thousands of families who have put off taking a family vacation because the economy is so uncertain, start thinking outside the box. Every year hundreds of resorts, theme parks and companies run sweepstakes where the grand prize or the first prize to win is a fully paid family holiday.

Your first reaction is probably that your family couldnt possibly be the lucky winners of such a windfall. Truth be told, the odds are definitely not in your favor. But here is something you must keep in mind. Someone will win the prize. A family will be chosen to spend several days, a week or even longer at some fabulous family vacation destination with all expenses paid. If you dismiss the contest or sweepstakes out of hand because you think you have no chance of winning, then of course you will not win. On the other hand, someone absolutely will win the contest.

The reality is that you have nothing to lose by entering the contest, with the possible exception of a few postage stamps. There is no real downside, but the upside could be fantastic. If you are persuaded to toss off your pessimistic view of contests, its time to get down to business.

The first thing you need to do is to start reading your newspapers and magazines with an eye out for any and all contests advertised in their pages. Most people, and you are probably among them, tend to give contest announcements a cursory glance at best and then move on to other stories or articles without reading about the contest or the prizes offered. There are a lot of family holiday contests run each year. When you come across the advertisements, clip them and put them in your contest file.

Another place to look for family holiday contests is on the Internet. If you havent noticed already, many of the banners and advertisements that pop up as you browse the Internet contain information about contests. If you dont want to print the details of these contests, make a note of the basic information and the Internet page that you can return to in order to submit an entry. Or save the link in your Favorites. You may be wondering why you should go to that bother when you can just as easily fill out the information screen and submit your entry right then and there.

A lot of contests allow you to enter more than one time. With online contests entries, if you can submit more than one entry, it is usually set up to accept one entry a day. It is much more convenient to have the information at hand so you can easily visit that site each day and submit another entry.

You will be surprised at how quickly your contest file builds up. As you are gathering information, make sure you pay attention to the rules of the contest. Can you enter more than once? Are there any restrictions that could disqualify you? Are there requirements that must be met? When does the contest begin and when does it end? If you should win a family holiday, are you required to take the vacation at a time of their choice or yours? For most contests everything is fairly straightforward. Just be sure you know the rules.

Make it a family affair. Kids love nothing better than being involved in something that has exciting possibilities for them. You know your children better than anyone, so you will know how much explanation you need to give them so they are not disappointed if you are not the prize winners. Having done that, let them help you. They can fill out entries or help you spot new contests. They can help keep the contest file up-to-date by eliminating the contests that have already closed. They can address envelopes and put stamps on, go with you to the mailbox and drop in the entries.

There isnt much more to becoming a contestant. With any luck you and your family can be the lucky winners of a family holiday. Yes the odds are not in your favor, but someone will win the grand prize. If you have entered one or more times, it can just as easily be you as someone else. Make it a fun thing to do with your family and there is the additional reward of a shared family experience. That in itself is worth the time spent.

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