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Travel competition have been around for many years. They appeal to people because they offer the possibility of winning an all expenses paid holiday to some fabulous resort or city. And how terrific would that be? Boarding an airplane with your spouse or even your entire family and taking off for a few days or a week or more without having to pay a dime is worth a daydream or two. Maybe its Paris or London, or perhaps a trip to Disney World or Busch Gardens. The destination sometimes doesnt even matter. Just being able to indulge in a vacation without worrying about cost is worth the price of admission.

In this case the price of admission is filling out the required information to be entered into the contest. What could be easier? Without a doubt everyone who enters a travel competition or any other giveaway for that matter knows that the chances of actually winning are pretty slim. On the other hand the competing knowledge is that somebody will win.

Everyone has almost the same chance of winning, including you. If the competition is limited to one entry per person or family, then you do have an absolutely equal chance of winning. The odds can change somewhat if the competition rules allow multiple entries. Often the rules allow one entry per day throughout the time that entries are accepted. The odds of winning a travel competition always depends on the number of people who enter the contest. If multiple entries are allowed, the odds of winning depend on whether or not you submit the maximum number of allowed entries.

Some travel competition used to require paper entries submitted either by mail or dropped in a collection box. With the development of computers and the boom in personal computer usage, this has changed. Now the most popular way of entering a travel competition is by going online and filling out an entry form. Besides being a travel competition giveaway, its also a great way to market products. Since most competitions are sponsored by companies who want to promote their product, the information supplied in entering a contest goes into the company data base. You can expect to receive e-mails or regular mail advertising the company, but still that is a small price to pay for a potentially big reward.

Computers and the Internet have changed the nature of competition participation. Its much easier to enter multiple times if you are using a computer. Many browsers allow you to store information like name, address and e-mail address. When you go to your computer and pull up the entry form page each day, a single stroke of the computer keys will automatically fill in the required information. Its also cheaper to enter via computer as opposed to filling out and mailing a paper entry. For one thing the cost of postage stamps and envelopes can add up. This limits the number of times you enter a competition and how many competitions you enter. That changes your odds of winning of course. The computer takes away that impediment.

Finding the best travel competition is as easy as logging on to the Internet and typing in the keywords. It may surprise you how many competitions are available to enter and their variety. Everything from African safaris to trips to world class cities, to all-expenses paid stays at exotic resorts.

It may also surprise you to learn how many people spend the better part of their day entering various competitions. While you dont have to get that deeply involved in the world of competitions and giveaways, it can be a relaxing and possibly lucrative hobby. Look for competitions that offer trips you would actually like to take. Not that you would turn down a trip anywhere if you were the lucky winner. But you might as well aim for those places that are on your list of things you want to do.

If travel is your thing and free trips are the goal, by all means take the plunge into travel competitions. As long as you keep in mind that you want to be organized about it, that it will take some of your time to keep up with entries and that you probably wont be the big winner, youll keep your perspective. And always keep in mind that someone will win and that someone could be you.

A note of caution here: If you are lucky enough to win a competition, you will have to pay taxes on the value of the prize. While the value of the prize must be entered as "other income" on your tax return, it is usually not an unmanageable tax due amount. And dont let that stop you from entering the travel competition.

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