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It seems theres no shortage of opportunities to enter contests and win competitions these days. Wherever you go, you no doubt will run into someone offering a chance to win something. Be it at the local mall or online, competitions abound.

Your best chance to win competitions is to enter them frequently. Like the proverbial lottery, the odds of not winning are greater than the odds of winning. Entering one contest and pinning all your hopes on that alone is setting yourself up for disappointment. Entering many competitions to win prizes is a better strategy.

What are the types of competitions available for you to enter free of charge? The following are five opportunities to take advantage of to win competitions:

* Radio Station Competitions. Radio stations are constantly running contests. Opportunities to win prizes from your local radio station are abundant because many stations run them every day. These are your typical "If youre the seventh caller after 7 p.m., you win a gift voucher" type of contests.

* Travel Agency Contests. Want to earn a free or reduced price vacation? Then make a visit to your local travel agency and fill out a ballot. Dont feel like stepping outdoors today? Surf the web and you will find a host of travel agencies offering getaways as prizes.

You can win competitions of this sort by spending an hour on the Internet and posting various ballots. The more you enter, the better your chances. However, your chances in each competition depends on the number of entrants submitting.

* Online Games of Chance. Sites such as these are numerous on the Internet. Some are not free, so you have to be careful and sort the wheat from the chaff. Dont be lured into giving credit card numbers or other financial information to a site.

The free sites are usually for fun and entertainment where you plunk no hard-earned dollars down. You play, win competitions and can receive prizes. The sites make money by selling advertising. Advertisers have a platform for promoting products and services. You have a chance to win prizes while enjoying yourself.

* Retailer Competitions. On a trip to the mall or through cyberspace you will find numerous outlets where you can win competitions. Everyone from corporate giants to small specialty stores offers contests with attractive prizes. Gift baskets, gift certificates, shopping sprees, a years supply of "whatever" are examples of what retailers offer.

* Computer Skill Games Online. A host of sites hold skill tournaments to win competitions and prizes. It may be online car racing, online golf, soccer and the like. You compete against others in cyberland and can win prizes. There are free and pay sites in this contest niche. You can be on one side of the ocean and play someone else on the other side. It is certainly an innovative way to sharpen your game playing skills and garner prizes as well.

When it comes to entering ballots to win competitions, consider the host of the competition. Are they a reputable company that has a list of previous winners? Do the online ones let you know who they are and where they are? Alternatively, do they seem to be hiding their true persona; are they impossible to contact?

Some online competitions to win prizes end up paying out nothing. No one ever knows either, as there is no way to contact them. You can go through the trouble of getting in touch with the web host administrator. Truly, though, who really takes the time for that?

For free online contests to win prizes, people chalk it up to experience and move on. The contest host does have your contact information now and typically will bombard you with junk mail. Thats why its important to know whom youre dealing with when it comes to any kind of contest. Make sure they are upstanding enterprises who pay out what they promise.

Spending time online or offline to win competitions can pay off. You have just as much chance as others to win vacations, products or services. The more contests you enter to win prizes, the better chance you have. That phone call may soon come to say youre a winner.

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