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When it comes to entering contests, the prizes offered range from coupons to vacations. Brick-and-mortar and online enterprises alike offer prizes to suit all tastes and personalities. We all know the usual contests you can enter. These are to win free books, dinner and a movie passes, gift baskets and such.

These are plentiful and you could probably enter one every day at local places of business. If you really want to win competition prizes of the high-end type, theres no shortage of them either. Your local bigger merchants may offer these more lucrative contests once a year.

Online, you will always find these more expensive competitions. Someone, somewhere around the globe is always running one in cyberspace. Because these types of contests offer more, it is well worth your time to seek them out. If a business in your area has a high-end competition to win prizes, it may be worth the gas expense to check it out. People do win these types of competitions. You have as much chance as the next person.

What are some of the more lucrative competition prizes? The following are five types of contests that dont scrimp when it comes to paying out:

* Luxury Vacation Contests. Wouldnt it be great to win competition prizes of this sort? For the time it takes you to fill in a form the pay-off can be enormous. These types of competitions often come from major corporations wanting to promote their travel and accommodation services worldwide.

With for-a-fee competitions, major charities often make a complete luxury vacation package a top prize. You buy a ticket to support a charity for the chance to win significant prizes. They may pay straight monetary prizes, but luxury vacations at premier resorts are popular as well.

* Car Contests. Cars have always been and always will be a major contest prize. People interested in winning competition prizes always flock to these types of contests. Many enterprises offer a free car as a way to market their products and services via contests.

Cars are also a significant part of sporting event competitions. How many times have you seen a half-time or between periods skills competition for fans? Often the prize available is a brand new latest model vehicle. Thats not a bad return for throwing a basketball across court through a hoop.

* Win a Home Contests. Again, to win competition prizes of this type would be a dream. Of course if they offered to pay the taxes, that would be nice too. However, the thought of winning a dream home just for writing your name and contact number down is incredible. Charities, too, for the price of their ticket, offer dream homes as their top prizes. They find their fundraisers really bring in significant income when they offer prizes like this.

* Memberships for Life. People love competition prizes that give them something they can use repeatedly without ever having to take out their wallet. State-of-the-art fitness emporiums sometimes offer these as prizes. Other types of places that offer these as prizes are exclusive travel clubs, hotels and resorts.

Many types of businesses that sell for-a-fee memberships have contests to promote their services. One person wins the competition prize of the lifetime membership. A host of others became familiar with what the establishment offers when they filled out the ballot.

Be careful when you enter contests to win lucrative prizes. Check out the enterprise running the competition. Make sure theyre a decent, reputable organization. Make sure there are no strings attached to your participation.

Read the small print on whatever ballot you fill out. Check to ensure you are under no obligation to pay or do anything more than what you originally agreed to do. Make sure a free contest is truly free. If you buy a special ticket to win competition prizes, make sure that is your only monetary outlay.

Competition prizes can be lucrative and enjoyable. To win contests of this sort can sure make your life easier. Check out the quality ones available to you. Enter as many as possible with excellent companies, and then hope for the best.

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