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The Internet is full of various prize competition draws. A simple search for them will bring up over a million pages devoted to competitions. In fact, there are entire websites whose focus is on serving the competition or "compers" community.

With so much available when it comes to prize draws, its wise to differentiate the good from the not so good. You can waste significant amounts of time entering draws that essentially are bogus. The following are five things to watch for when entering prize competition draws:

Requests for Financial Information

Unless you are entering a prize competition draw that requires a paid entry, there is no reason to give any financial information. Paid entry competitions exist online and offline and many are very legitimate. Examples are buying raffle tickets or purchasing draw tickets for a new car. Paid entry competitions are available online where you give your credit card information.

You want to be wary of prize competition draws that present themselves as free but then try to elicit financial information from you. You may be engaging with a fraud site or operator. Some sites are very persuasive and prey on those who are overly trusting.

No History of Winners or Previous Draws

You will find new legitimate opportunities for filling out ballots for prizes online. These are those new companies looking to raise awareness of their enterprises through draws. This is fine and the integrity of the company is easily verifiable by calling, e-mailing or asking around about them.

Its imperative that you be careful of sites that are gathering pages. These show little to no details about their specific prize competition draw. On their site, you find no names of winners for their most recent draw. They do not list past winners and where they are from.

These prize competition draws just want your contact information. They may not have any prizes to offer whatsoever. However, down the road you will continually receive spam e-mails from them under another e-mail address. You may not associate these e-mails with the pseudo-draw site.

No Contact Information

This should raise red flags immediately, as you search the Net for prize competition draws. Any legitimate draw sponsor will have an e-mail address, physical address or telephone number where you can contact them. Its better if they list all three. Quality competitions often have a link from their prize competition-landing page to their main company website. This should definitely raise your comfort level about the enterprise.

A prize site that has an online form to collect your information, but zero information on them is one you should avoid. They are building their list of contacts. Caveat emptor, or buyer beware again: dont give any private information concerning yourself or your finances.

No Value for Money

With paid prize competitions, make sure the value of prizes offered are more than the money you pay to enter. There is nothing wrong with paying money to enter a prize draw competition. Many competitions from reputable companies charge entry fees.

Think of those $100 a ticket draws whose grand prize is a new home. Even all their subsidiary prizes are worth significantly more than the entry fee. Youre in dangerous territory when you put up money to enter a draw whose prizes are par value of the entry fee. You may as well go to your local mall and buy your own merchandise.

Stipulations Involved

You may have come across these on the Internet. The online ad flashes "Enter a draw to win a state-of-the-art laptop." You enter the draw by putting in your name and e-mail address. You then link to a new page that says, "To complete your eligibility for this draw just fill out..."

Those "just fill out" instructions are dangerous. Most of these ask you to fill out other offers, which you must pay for. In essence, you have to sign up for one or two pay offers to qualify for the original free draw. Therefore, you are not really entering a free prize competition draw.

Entering draws to win prizes of any sort can be fun and pay great returns. Choose decent prize competitions from quality companies and you will encounter no problems. Be cognizant of the above tips when entering prize competition draws. This will ensure you only enter the proper ones.

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